ILOVE Cashew Nut W320 (Malvan) (100G)


  • An age-old indigenous belief says eating 24 t o36 gms of these nuts on an empty stomach in winters, followed by honey boost your brain health and memory. Must try?
  • Cashew oil has several cosmetic benefits, but must be used with caution and only after consultation. 
  • The flavourful butter chicken and mouth-watering paneer makhni recipes have blended cashew as a secret ingredient. So does Biryani and many more Indian dishes. 
  • All over the world it is known mostly by its nuts owing to its unique taste, free availability and multifarious uses in the kitchen, bakery and confectionery
  • The sweet, buttery-tasting cashew hits the spot as a snack

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A compulsory item we take so much pride in presenting to guests, especially during the festive season in India! Kaju is best had roasted with salt, and that’s what makes it super addictive! But did you know cashew oil is as good as ghee?