Nut Counters

We pride ourselves on the most hygienic processes we follow to bring you the most premium quality of packaged eatables. However, if you still look for loose products, our in-store shops at large-scale supermarket chains are assuredly more premium, sourced from the most reliable vendors and importers. 

All our products at the I Love Nut Counters have better shelf life and preserve nutrition for longer than the loose ration your trusted baniya sells to you in the name of staples, dry fruits and spices… besides, allowing you to taste the product before packing some for home is an option that even your well-acquainted local grocer won’t allow. 

Aren’t you just done with bingeing on all the unhealthy calorie-loaded food every time you’ve felt hungry in a mall? Coz when at a mall or a Cinema Hall, who thinks about health? But that instinctive binge is surely regretted later. A healthy nut counter then is the perfect solution for those hunger pangs you feel right after a shopping spree or in the middle of a movie. Not only do you spare yourself the extra calories, your energy meter shoots right up to binge out at the next clothing store. Eat some, take some for the car or just buy a few extra packs to put in your purse so a new healthy habit of consuming nuts for snacks is cultivated.