About us

Arti Agro & Foods Pvt. Ltd. is an An ISO 22000 : 2018 Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) Certified Company that was established in 2001 with the vision of being world-class Super Stockists in the distribution of food products. Handling the Mumbai District with great success since then, each of our projects is spearheaded by Ms Arti Kamble whose family has been in the retail business for over 75 years.

Our venture into dry fruits, spices and staples is marked by acquiring a decade-old brand “I Love”, and that’s just another step towards excelling in the food processing and packaging industry. The experience gained over the years as Super Stockists is something that many people cannot claim to have.

Here too, as always, our main objective remains to provide our consumers highest quality products that meet and exceed their expectations. Rest assured, these products packaged at our facilities are definitely more premium, have better shelf life and preserve nutrition for longer than the loose ration your baniya sells to you in the name of staples, dry fruits and spices.

Our Merits

  • Operations in major states of the Country
  • Leading Processors & Packers of a diverse range of Agriculture Products viz; Spices, Herbs, Dry Fruits, Grains, Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds, Flours & more..
  • Rich expertise and experience in handling comprehensive range of   products and meeting client expectations 
  • A vision to provide a premium range of products at economical   prices but particularly adhering to our ethical principles of quality 
  • International Sales & Marketing network  
  • Continuous endeavour to provide high quality products in unique and creative packaging 
  • Continuous work to improve the health, safety and environmental aspects of our products and operations in all communities where we operate
  • High quality standards of storage, processing and distribution coupled with prompt delivery schedules

Our Strengths

  • Experienced promoters leading a young and dynamic team of professionals
  • Attention to Quality and Creativity 
  • Uncompromising attitude towards customer satisfaction
  • Professional approach in every sphere of our activities
  • High ethical standards
  • Transparent trade practices
  • Wide-ranging contacts


We adhere to the most stringent quality and hygiene standards – right from sourcing of raw materials, fumigation, food handling [machine sorting, grading and hand picking], packaging, storage, right up till dispatch.

Carefully handpicked

Contact-free cleaning and grading of staples is a regular practice. Imported machines that do the job are our assurance of purity.

Machine cleaned and graded

All ‘I Love’ products go through various machines for different processes. There are machines for sorting and grading, de-stoners and gravity separators. Regular calibration of all equipment is an important routine that is followed religiously.

Hygienically packed

We believe in delivering the quality that we wouldn’t hesitate consuming ourselves. Which is why everything is handpicked and selected with as much caution as we’d practice for self consumption.